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The situation with natural gas is not so tragic.

Europe will not run out of gas this winter.

This was said in the program "Face to Face" on BTV, the advisor of the European Climate Foundation and former Minister of the Environment and Water, Julian Popov.

The storages of the European Union are almost full, many measures are being taken to reduce consumption, change fuels, and the price of gas has the effect of suppressing consumption.

We won't be left out in the cold, but the prices will be high.

Action must be taken.

Bulgaria has already taken such measures with energy compensations, said Popov.

High prices and the energy crisis must be shouldered in solidarity, which does not mean that everyone should be given equally per kilowatt hour.

Because if, for example, someone heats a house with an area of ​​150 square meters, he will receive much more compensation than someone who barely pays to light a light bulb.

It is very important, when energy aid is given, that it be targeted and not given equally, the former eco-minister pointed out.

In Bulgaria, gas is a relatively small part of energy and our country is in a very advantageous position to deal with the gas crisis.

This small part swells to the heavens.

Diversification is not just about where to get gas.

It should not be taken from Gazprom, because the company is used for weapons, and when we talk to Gazprom, it is as if we are negotiating with the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

The government must very strictly enforce all clauses of the existing treaties so that we are not exposed to future prosecution.

"Gazprom" should be finished with this, Yulian Popov emphasized.

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