US President Joe Biden has approved the next military aid package to Ukraine worth 675 million dollars.

According to the report of APA referring to CNN, this was stated by US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin.

"Yesterday, President Biden approved the next tranche of US aid to Ukraine worth $675 million," Austin said at a meeting with the Ukrainian Defense Contact Group at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Austin added that the aid package includes guided missile launchers, 105mm howitzers, artillery ammunition and HARM systems, hammers, armored ambulances, anti-tank systems and small arms.

Austin stressed that this is the 20th military equipment aid allocated to Ukraine from US stocks by the Biden administration since August of last year.



The US Department of Defense will announce the next arms transfer to Ukraine worth 675 million dollars today.

According to APA, a US official informed the "Washington Post" about this on condition of anonymity.

It was reported that the next aid package will include additional HIMARS missiles, which the Ukrainian military has been carrying out precision strikes against Russian forces for some time, as well as various vehicles and other equipment for the soldiers.