Ask the senator. Thani to clarify that the female police sit on the committee. Draw a line within 15 days, the corporal did not come to see "Sereepisuth"

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9 Sep 2022 04:58 a.m.





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The former female soldier, the victim of "Je Nut", refused to testify against the NACC "Sereepisuth", fearing the influence.

Prepare to make an appointment to testify again, and summon the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police and the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police to give the facts about the recruitment of a female Pol.Lt.C.A. spokesman for the Senate Ethics Committee. appoint

Female lieutenant colonels perform duties in

The Senate committee has already prepared to send it to Senator Thani before coming to explain to the committee in 15 days. Watchara Petchthong submitted a letter to "Big Pom" to protect the female Pol.Lt. die in prison

investigation into the facts of the case

Lt. Col. Yingkonsiri Buayam, Commander-in-Chief of Group 4, Commander-in-Chief of Police 1 or Je Nut, claimed to be the wife of a senator who abused Miss Pattama Sirirat, a former female sergeant who Police Lieutenant Colonel Korsasi was charged with human trafficking.

and injuring the victim's body

Detained in Ratchaburi Central Prison

Including Mr. Komsit Jungpanich, a young man who has been charged with assault.

sent to the same prison

While investigating the case of depositing a female police officer with an injured person for government service, the NACC calls for the victim to provide information.

But the injured person did not show up.

Progress at 09.25 am on September 8 at the National Assembly, Pol Gen Sereepisuth Temeiwes, leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party.

Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), House of Representatives

mention of invitation

Lt. Col. Ying Pattama Sirirat and Mr. Kanthat

Pongpaiboonwet or Kan Jomphalang, along with a lawyer, provided information today that

From the staff who contacted Lt. Col. Ying Pattama and Mr. Kanthat to give statements, but did not come, we consider that the victims

and lawyers fearing the influence

NACC will make another invitation

The chairman of the NCCC commission said that the committee meeting today will have a resolution to invite Pol Lt. Col. Korsasi Buayam, who came to be a police by special means and to stay with the ISOC. .In a special way

Salary and compensation are received.

By not going to perform duties

In addition, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Armed Forces Office (Commander of the Royal Thai Police), the Royal Thai Police (SQ.), the Commander of the Budget and Finance Office (The Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, BAAC) to come to the facts, then the committee will invite the military to provide information.

In order to prove how Lt. Pattama served in the military, the relevant senators will be invited to provide further information later.

Senator Somchai Sawang, a spokesman for the Senate Ethics Committee, said the ethics committee had held a meeting on the request for appointment.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Yingkonsiri Buayam joined the police service.

and the appointment to hold a position in the Senate committee (KMUTT) with the Senate involved

The committee has now received documents regarding the appointment of Pol. Lt. Col. Korsasi in various committees in the Senate.

as submitted to the Secretariat of the Senate already

And there was a resolution to send the documents and evidence received to Mr. Thani On-Lai, senator, as the respondent.

It is expected that the documents will be sent to Mr. Thani within 1-2 days. Mr. Thani has 15 days to clarify himself.

In addition, the committee also requested additional documents from 4 agencies, namely the Royal Thai Police (Sq.), the Royal Thai Armed Forces, the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), and the Royal Thai Police. ISOC Region 4, front section, will attend the meeting on September 12.

As for the appointment of Lt. Lt. Col. Korsasir to serve in the committee during the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the Senate

The ethics committee considered only the Senate appointment. It was found that Pol. Lt. Col. Korsasiri had performed her duties in 2 committees of the committee, while any senator was nominated for that appointment.

secret request

After the appointment, it was found that Pol. Lt. Col. Ying Korsasi signed her name to attend the committee meeting.

The committee throughout the NLA period

And the Senate is in the process of letting the secretary conclude that

How many times have you attended the meeting?

At the government complaints center, Mr. Watchara Petchthong, a former Democrat Party MP

Submit a letter to Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister.

Acting for the Prime Minister

Ask for safety protection. Lt. Col. Korsasi Buayam, accused of assault in Ratchaburi prison.

Mr. Watchara said

This case is of public interest.

A former member of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and or a senator (senator) used Abhisit to appoint a female Pol. Lt. Col. Prawit to order Mr Somsak Thepsu. Justice Minister Thine gave security protection to Lt. Col. Ying Korsasi, fearing that he would be harmed.

Or die from being attacked in Ratchaburi prison as soon as possible

he has concerns

In the past, there were frequent cases of unexplained deaths in prisons in major cases.