Rita, the only one, captivated the whole stage when she went on stage.

Photo: Granma.

On August 15,


, together with the entuMovil services, of the Havana Division, belonging to the Desoft company, invited mobile phone users in Cuba to participate in the La Única contest.

 A total of 2005 SMS were received

The contest consisted of the following and only question:

Which of the following Cuban artists is known as the Only One?

The correct answer was Rita Montaner.

The winners of the 2 Grand Prizes were recharges of $125 CUP and some special gifts courtesy of Cubadebate.

  •  Carlos Manuel Reyes Monserrat, resident in the municipality of October 10, Havana province.

  • Mario Sánchez Perera, a resident of the Cienfuegos municipality, province of the same name.

The Winners of subscriptions to the service of holders of the Cubadebate Portal were:

  • Mara Alonso Bores, residing in the Cerro municipality, Havana province

  • Policarpo López Pérez, resident in the municipality of October 10, Havana province.

  • Leonor Pérez Olveira, resident of the Plaza municipality, Havana province.

Congratulations to all the winners

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