Plans to travel after work to check the area. Expect heavy rain this evening.

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7 Sep. 2022 16:14





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7 Sep '22 Bangkok

Prepare to help people

affected by the flood

Due to heavy rain, check the area. Expected to come again this evening.

Day 7 Sep '16 Bangkok

Report of heavy rain in Bangkok during 6-9 Sep. 65, causing many areas in Bangkok, which are at risk of being affected.

Especially Bang Khen District, Lad Phrao District, Don Mueang District, Chatuchak District, were affected by flooding on main roads such as Chaeng Watthana Road, Ramintra Road, Bang Khen Roundabout.

Bangkok has accelerated drainage into areas such as Khlong Lat Phrao, Khlong Bang Bua, and Khlong Prem Prachakorn.

Ready to be coordinated by the Royal Irrigation Department to bring 21 water pumps to help. Recently, the water level in the canal began to decline.

This makes it possible to drain water from the main roads in the area faster.

for solving the risk issue

and help people

in the area of ​​Bang Khen

organized the municipal staff

Together with the 21st Communications Battalion, the 1st Army Area, brought a car to transport stranded people in the area.

The service is provided in 2 points, namely around the Bang Khen roundabout.

and Soi Ram Inthra 39, as well as organizing traffic facilitators

and make a temporary footpath with sandbags

Lat Phrao District Office

Arrange for 2 municipal patrol cars to pick up and deliver people

Residences along the Lat Phrao Canal due to overflowing riverbanks

Don Mueang District Office

Arrange for 2 public transportation vehicles at the mouth of Soi Chang Akat Uthit 16 and Chang Akat Uthit Road

and have a military vehicle from the Royal Thai Army Development Command

supreme military headquarters

Come to provide services for running and picking up people at the stop at the Don Mueang New Market BTS Station.

Chatuchak District Office

Organized 40 municipal officials to facilitate flood sites

and public service patrol cars, as follows: Ratchadaphisek 36 intersection 11-1, 3 municipal patrol cars and Thai cement villages, 1 patrol car, while the Laksi District Office

Arrange officers to serve the people at 4 points, namely at the entrance of Soi Chaengwattana 14, Passaya Intersection, Soi Chinnakhet, Lak Si Intersection (IT Square) and in front of Lak Si Temple.

Using 2 service patrol cars and last night there was another car from Chatuchak area.

Sai Mai District Office

Organize 1 municipal patrol vehicle with staff

Helping people in Soi Ramintra 21, Bang Khen area

As for the Mechanic Factory Division, the Office of Finance organized a team of technicians with a forklift.

Facilitating traffic around Bang Khen roundabout, Bang Khen district

As for the forecast for rain today at about 2 p.m., there is rain in the area of ​​Nong Khaem, Bang Khun Thian, around 19.00-21.00 with rain in Bang Khen, Lak Si, Don Mueang, Sai Mai, and other areas.

People are asked to monitor the situation and prepare to plan their trips in advance.

However, if people encounter flooding or need help

You can notify via the following channels:

- Traffy Fondue

- Hotline 1555

- Flood Control Center Tel. 0-2248-5115 (for the main road).