The American ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, commented on Albania's reaction to Iran, which, according to the Albanian government, was behind the cyber attacks of a few days ago.

"Allow me to emphasize the importance of the action that has been taken against the cyber attack against Albania.

We have seen Rama's statement this afternoon.

The White House has responded immediately and forcefully.

It should be absolutely clear, when our friend, our ally is on the attack, the US will take action", said Yuri Kim, after the meeting with the Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolla.

After the meeting, the American ambassador spoke to the media revealing details.


"We have made it part of the tradition to meet with the presidents of the Assembly at the start of the parliamentary sessions.

It is important that we engage in ways that strengthen the importance of laws and the strengthening of democratic institutions.

That's why I was here.

We will continue to meet with all those leaders who have been legitimately elected and have a legitimate role in strengthening democracy and in the fight against corruption".

/A2 CNN/