The Russian commandos who occupied the southern part of Ukraine are facing mass desertion of soldiers who are refusing to fight as a result of lack of basic equipment and lack of pay.

The 127th regiment of the Russian forces has ignored orders to join fellow fighters on the battlefield south of the city of Kherson, Ukrainian intelligence has announced, reports the Telegraph.

The soldiers who have abandoned the units have told their superiors that they cannot fight, as they had been without water and other things for weeks - and they have not even received the promised salaries.

The Russian GRU and FSB secret services are investigating individuals responsible for the revolt - who have left their posts, Ukraine's military intelligence authorities added.



And all those who are against going to the battlefield are facing great consequences, such as mistreatment or even violent return to the front line.

That the Kremlin is facing big problems in the war in Ukraine is best proven by the fact that Putin has asked for an increase in Russia's armed forces.

Even many Syrians of Bashar al Assad, Chechens of Ramzan Kadyrov, have expressed their willingness to go to Ukraine to fight alongside the Russians.