We remember her.

There have been sellers before

Plovdiv Pope

Metropolitan Nikolay spoke in the style of Putin and Lavrov

, that schools in the West are conductors of hatred, taught to disrespect.

However, he did not say anything about Western limousines and expensive Western watches... 

He also stated that the hatred had acquired personified features for TWO years.

What happened 2 years ago and whose chair was shaken then...?


The Plovdiv priest also said that those working in the field of high technology treated ordinary workers with disdain.

Neither in a wedge, nor in a sleeve, a saying from centuries to centuries. 

So: people from the IT sector, the most employed in our country, are now a target because the pope said they despised others.

Communist number.

As much as IT people despise others, the same applies to every single sector in our country.

What is special about the IT sector?

Athletes despise people of intellectual work and vice versa, mutts despise everyone, politicians despise the people.

Nothing new. 

I'll point it out anyway:

For the chumps, the chumps, the mutts, the businessmen and the politicians, who have been treating us all with disdain since time immemorial - nothing.

But, you see, IT professionals despised the average worker. 

For starters: what is a "regular worker"?

Only the people with picks and shovels or the clerks go in too?

It would be nice if the priest could explain.

I am also an ordinary worker.

From a family of ordinary workers.

Who are the "extraordinary" workers according to the Pope? 

It seems a bit salty to me from the mouth of someone dressed in gold, adorned

with precious stones, riding in a limousine, wearing clothes and jewelry worth the food of several Bulgarian families for a month, to talk to me about "ordinary workers".

That he allowed himself to sow discord, saying that other workers had despised them.

And the more interesting thing is: where does he get his information?

Because I can say that the Bulgarian worker receives contempt from many places, but not from his colleagues from the IT sector.

I've seen neglect from many pops, for example.

A lot. 

But lately, in the cast-iron heads of the social nostalgics, the hatred of the itty-bitty is spinning, because they make really good money.

What are they doing?

How what?


They sit behind a computer and click away.

And the pope decided to ride the wave too. 

Personally, in my opinion, this is a disgrace to the church.

In the midst of the UNION(!!!) holiday celebrations, to deliberately sow discord in our wedge, in our sleeve, is the fruit of either stupidity or a paid, unscrupulous campaign for someone's interest.

Smells like rubles. 

Quote from the Plovdiv pop

: "Bullying, humiliating, abusing and destroying people because of their beliefs, or because we consider them inferior to us, or simply because we don't like them, are medieval practices introduced in the West."

Reminder about the Pope

: recently this practice was massively introduced in our country by the Communist Party.

He knows what I'm talking about. 

At the celebration of this same UNION, Mitrofanova was standing close behind the President of Bulgaria.

Dressed in white. 

Do you think that in her white clothing there is a symbol that the Russian will come out victorious, dressed in white?

Nothing of the kind. 

In white, he is noticed by everyone, in all the frames, sticks in our eyes, like a corn seller on a crowded beach.

She can do so much, there is nothing to comment on her. 

But those squatting a row and a half in front of her, on the short occasion, what do they think, how will they look in the history books one day? 

Do the Russians hope to conquer Bulgaria again?

It won't do.

And if it happens, it will be for a short time. 

Russia is massively losing all its positions all over the world.

It will be broken.

Not defeated, but broken. 

Soon they and their masters will be overthrown.

But they are neither military as military to understand it, nor statesmen as statesmen.

They are little souls who accidentally got into the high positions, placed thanks to their uncomplaining bowing of the head and willingness to sell Bulgaria.

And they will go.

And they will go down in history.

At the laughingstocks and traitors. 

Do you remember which country was AGAINST the merger?

Russia, that's right.

They are bleeding our army, they are inciting Serbia against us, they are also inciting the Sultan, wanting to attack our young country.

Fortunately, the Sultan did not grant their wish, and Serbia long regretted its decision to prey on the wits of the Russians. 

And yesterday the ambassador of the same country was

DEMONSTRATIVELY posed, dressed in white, in a central place

behind the heads of the governorates. 

And then the same ones yell at us that we

should have known our history? 

The Russian ambassador dressed in white to celebrate the Unification, which Russia was against and still (to this day) has not apologized for! 


Metropolitan Nicholas



The Z-People

Plovdiv pop

Unification of Bulgaria