The European Union (EU) has invited Turkey to the EU Summit to be held in the Czech Republic next month.

According to APA, the "European Political Union" meeting will be held at the level of leaders of 17 countries.

According to the information provided by the high-ranking official of the EU, the meeting is planned for October 6-7.

In addition to the 27 EU members, Turkey, Western Balkan countries Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, England, Iceland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia are at the leadership level. , will be represented.

The main topics to be discussed at the meeting will be Russia's attack on Ukraine, the energy crisis and the economic situation.

The first meeting of the European Political Union, proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron, will be held on October 6 in the afternoon and evening within the framework of the EU Summit in Prague.

The next day, EU leaders will participate in summit meetings.

On October 6, the meeting of the European Political Union will begin with an opening session and continue with round table discussions.

The meetings will discuss many topics such as security, stability, energy, climate, transport and economy.

A closing dinner will be held at the end of the day where the leaders will hold bilateral talks.

The idea of ​​European Political Union was brought up by French President Emmanuel Macron at the EU Leaders' Summit held in June.

The EU administration said that this idea was accepted by the leaders.

EU officials describe the European Political Union as an "inclusive process" involving both the EU and third countries.

It is emphasized that this is not an enlargement of the EU or a replacement for EU policies.