The trial of Rasul Rasulov, Orkhan Safarov and Ruslan Mammadov, who were accused of the explosion in the "Location" nightclub in Baku, continued.

APA reports that it was announced that the testimony of the victims in the process presided over by judge Faig Ganiyev at the Baku Court of Serious Crimes has ended.

The judge said that most of the victims in the case have sent an application to the court stating that they have no complaints and no students.

Those who testified as witnesses in the court said that Rasul Rasulov was in charge of "Location" and that he gave all the assignments.

People who worked as a DJ, "Mercer Food" and a supervisor in the club stated that they knew the accused Orkhan Safarli as the official manager and that the administrator Rasul Rasulov was in charge of the work.

Elshan Safarov, the brother of the accused Orkhan Safarli, said that his brother had no activity in the club, that Rasul Rasulov supervised all the work: "Rasul collected all the workers himself.

He also had control over the work.

In other words, my brother did not have any activity there, he was just the head of MMC on paper."

The process will continue on September 12.

It should be recalled that on April 3 of this year at around 03:00 in the night, 1 person died, 37 people were injured of various degrees, 14 cars, 1 apartment were damaged as a result of an explosion at the "Location" night club located on the 1st floor of a residential building in Sabail district of the capital. and the investigation of the criminal case initiated by the relevant articles of the Criminal Code on the basis of the fact of damage to 2 non-residential objects was conducted by the Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor's Office.

Based on the collected preliminary evidence, it was determined that a gas cylinder filled with a compressed liquid of propane gas was used in the kitchen of the mentioned facility illegally, as well as in violation of the requirements of existing regulations, and the explosion of the gas cylinder caused destruction and fire in the building.

During the investigation, Rasul Rasulova, an administrator at "Mercer food" LLC, which rented a catering facility responsible for compliance with fire safety rules, was charged with violation of Article 225.2 of the Criminal Code (violation of fire safety rules - when carelessness causes the death of the victim or other serious consequences), that LLC The founder-manager of the club, Orkhan Safarova, was charged with Article 314.2 of the Criminal Code (when negligence causes the death of the victim or other serious consequences).

At the same time, during the investigation, it was determined that Ruslan Mammadov, the inspector of the State Fire Control Service of the State Fire Control Service of the Ministry of Emergencies, who was responsible for ensuring fire safety in the mentioned area, was negligent in the performance of his duties, according to Article 314.2 of the last Criminal Code. was involved as an accused person under Article

All three persons have been remanded in custody by the relevant decisions of the Binagadi district court.

Later, Ruslan Mammadov, one of the accused in the case, was released under house arrest.

52 people were recognized as victims in the case.