Ivan Neparatov, who served 25 years for murder, robbery, kidnapping, extortion and other crimes and was released from a Russian colony during the war in Ukraine, was posthumously awarded the "For Courage" medal by Vladimir Putin.

This is reported by Gulagu.net.

According to The Insider publication, Neparatov signed a contract with "PMC Wagner" and after 12 years in the colony went to fight in the east of Ukraine.

He still had half of his prison term left.

A Russian man died, according to the death certificate, on August 5 in the Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region from a "gunshot, explosive, shrapnel, penetrating through wound to the head."

On August 16, Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded Neparatov "for the courage and heroism shown during the execution of the tasks of a special military operation", according to documents published by Gulagu.net and The Insider.

In addition to the medal, the deceased received the Order of Courage, which is awarded to almost all Russian soldiers who died in the line of duty.

According to the verdict, Ivan Neparatov was the leader of the group from Sergiev Posada near Moscow.

According to the investigation, he and his accomplices killed five people in 2009-2010.

He was also accused of illegal possession of weapons, extortion and fraud.

According to the calculations of the "Verstka" publication and the "Sitting Russia" foundation, by the middle of August, representatives of "PMC Wagner" had visited 21 Russian colonies in 13 regions of Russia.

Recruiters offered prisoners to join the ranks of mercenaries and go to fight in Ukraine.

For this, they promised a monthly salary of 200,000 Russian rubles (about $3,300) and a pardon in six months.