The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, declared from the "Open Balkan" summit in Belgrade that the agreement on the Kosovo-Serbia documents is a solution of the Open Balkans.

The head of the Albanian government thanked President Vuçiçi who, according to him, gave a message to everyone, that of peace.

"I want to thank Vucic and everyone else that the fair was nothing less than the fairs of the same world-famous field.

We had our own producers and producers from many countries.

Even the solution of movement with identity cards is a solution of the Open Balkans.

Yesterday I told a journalist that there was no need to waste so much energy and waste all that time if Kosovo and other countries were also in the Open Balkans.

I want to express my respect to the president of Serbia.

He wants to materialize this solution and has given a very clear signal to everyone, the first choice is peace.

", said Rama.

Last week, Kosovo and Serbia agreed to waive the issue of entry-exit documents for citizens of both countries.

Now citizens of the two countries can travel freely using their documents.

So far, no incidents have been reported at customs between the two countries.