The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama said that the agreement on the documents between Kosovo and Serbia would have been reached in time, if Kosovo was part of the Open Balkans.

He said that the Agreement with Kosovo has confirmed the approach of President Vucic in relation to the movement of people.

"If Kosovo had sat at the table and not refused constantly, this issue would have been resolved in time.

I did not say that this trio solved it, nor that Albania or I played any role, I simply said this.

It is this spirit, this path, these principles of the Open Balkans that are being implemented day by day", said Rama.

"The agreement with Kosovo has confirmed the approach of President Vučić in relation to the movement of people", said Rama during a media conference after signing several agreements with Serbia and North Macedonia within the framework of the Open Balkans.

The Prime Minister said that in addition to the representatives of Turkey and Hungary, the Foreign Ministers of Italy and Greece were also invited to this summit.

"We will continue to welcome everyone.

We have invited Turkey, Greece, Italy and Hungary.

And we have made this public.

Greece and Italy were absent for objective reasons.

In Tirana we will invite others, because others will also want.

Don't be surprised that one day one of these greats will say "can I come too?".

Why not come?

They are much more positive meetings than the ones that take place in Brussels", said Rama.