2 P. Open the battle for leadership

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September 3, 2022, 06:40 a.m.





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breaking the rhythm of spinning

"Acting on behalf of the No. 1 office"

Queue inserted at the Committee on Prevention and Suppression of Corruption and Misconduct

The House of Representatives called on Air Chief Marshal Sitthawat and Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan, younger brothers of "Big Pom", Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan to act in place of the Prime Minister.

To provide information to the committee.

Link knot was previously appointed

Female lieutenant colonel who physically attacked a female soldier

Served as an honorary advisor to the Law Committee

judicial process

and police affairs

The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) in the 2nd era, the younger sister in the "Big Pom" filling, sitting as the leader in

Such committees during the NLA

How can the facts be wrong?

have to wait for proof

But, of course, there was an issue of ricochet that made "Uncle Pom" lose credit during the fragrant process.

Speed ​​score day by day

Recently, I went to the Paet Riew area, Chachoengsao province to inspect the water management.

There were villagers coming and kissing their cheeks.

There were people shouting to cheer for the real prime minister.

In a psychedelic rhythm

Both the cheers from the villagers

and power at full options

according to the revised order of the Prime Minister's Office

to approve the budget and appoint civil servants independently, without having to ask "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the real Prime Minister who is currently being suspended

The power of "Big Fort" jumps to the point "High Power" opposite the side of "Big Tu" and plummets to the point "Low Power"

From the original prediction that "Big Tu" might just get up from the chair temporarily.

To and fro may rise for a long time.

according to unfavorable circumstances

The power in hand is left with only routine tasks, especially the Minister of Defense chapter. There is no universal power to command all turbocharged bodies as before.

while the duration of being hung may be longer than usual

The Constitutional Court's decision may not be as quick as expected.

As the opposition submitted evidence to the Constitutional Court for further consideration

As for the list of 51 legal scholars' witnesses who gave their opinions.

Term of office as Prime Minister 8 years

There are steps, more intermediate insertion processes are possible.

The diagnosis may be extended.

The longer the time

What is not yet clear

The more it was fluttered harder, there were supporters, despised groups, the two uncles, urging them to dance and make them leak, and one party wanted to hurry back and tremble.

But the other party wants to stay for a long time.

expand more inconsistency

The situation at the junction was even more swinging.

from coordinating to coordinating

You can feel the atmosphere of the game to compete for the leadership of the 2 P.O. brothers.

On the side of "Uncle Pom" showing the style of the acting leader

the prime minister's power

for a few moments

come back active

Go through multiple tasks

There is no flabby posture, unable to walk as before.

Repeatedly calling "Chatchat Sitthiphan", the Bangkok governor, telling the government to cooperate

Bangkok solves the problem of flooding in the city

Create an image to see the work that is different from "Big Tu", focusing on people.

Ready to coordinate all departments

Show off readiness to be a real prime minister.

Satisfy what you've been dreaming of for a long time

Pressure until "Big Tu" has to have action to respond.

not to be drowned out

led the army officers to the area

went to inspect the troops to make a water barrier to prevent flooding, Ayutthaya Province, would like to participate in the flood solution

Qing Xin returned immediately.

Continuing from the shot, released a picture of a meeting with "Big Pok", General Anupong Paochinda, Minister of the Interior and "Sia Noo", Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health.

Pride Thai Party Leader

To show that there is still a political role.

Create imaginations for people to interpret in various ways.

2 P. Open the battle to compete in the area

Until I can feel the brothers and sisters come out of the square

Confident in each other

Even if it's not yet broken

But they measure their power back and forth.

brawl game

“Big Brother – Little Brother” returns to smoldering

I don't know how long it will last.

The more if the Constitutional Court decides that "Uncle Tu" is out of quota, holding the position of 8 years, must win. There will be shock in the way.

"Big Brother" does not let him go to the real prime minister's chair or not.

As you know, "Big Tu" has a control network of 250 senators who voted for the prime minister.

If there is no green light to pass "Big Brother", there will be no way to be a prime minister.

The brothers of 2 P.S. still have to compete with each other for many rounds.

Bargaining and sharing power

by the nature of power

already addicted

whether temporary or permanent

No one wants to let go!!!

political news team