A one-year-old girl was killed by hail when a terrible storm swept through Spain, leaving 30 people injured.

According to foreign media, Telegrafi reports, the little girl was one of 30 people injured after direct hits from hailstones in and around the Catalan city of La Bisbal de l'Emporda.

She was rushed to the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona on Tuesday afternoon, but died early Wednesday morning as a result of severe head trauma.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a woman remained in the same hospital on Wednesday due to the injuries she suffered from the devastating hail storm.

Most of the other 28 people who needed medical treatment were said to have suffered head injuries or ice cuts that required stitches, as well as broken bones.

Many cars and buildings were also damaged by tennis ball-sized hailstones, with roof tiles shattered and solar panels scratched.

Weather authorities said the hail that hit the area, near the resort town of Girona near Spain's border with France, was the biggest in twenty years.

The flood started at around 7.30pm on Tuesday and the 20-month-old girl suffered the fatal blow minutes later.

The hail storm lasted about 15 minutes.

Spanish media have reported that firefighters received more than 40 emergency calls 'due to various damages to buildings and electrical installations', as well as to support 'the aid of the injured'.