The trial of Ilkin Suleymanov, who was accused of murdering 10-year-old Narmin Guliyeva in Dondar Gushchu village of Tovuz, continued.

APA informs that the 5th and 6th volumes of the case documents were examined today in the proceedings chaired by judge Dadash Imanov at the Ganja Serious Crimes Court.

His lawyer Zabil Kahramanov told the court that Ilkin Suleymanov's contract lawyer was hidden in his application a few days after his arrest.

The lawyer asked the court to pay attention to this episode: "Ilkin Suleymanov was arrested on January 6, 2020.

On the 16th of the same month, the warrant of his contracted lawyer was submitted to the prosecutor's office.

Despite this, even though investigative actions were held on January 25 and 28, that lawyer was not presented to the accused person.

This shows that Ilkin Suleymanov was hidden from the lawyer."

The lawyer also noted that some documents in the case are different in the protocol and different in the decision:

"In the initial decision to bring Suleymanov as an accused person, it was stated that he killed Narmin Suleymanova on January 6, and the expert's decision proved that the victim was killed three to four days ago.

This shows that Ilkin lied in his first statement because he was unaware of the incident."

The process will continue on September 7.

It should be recalled that the murdered and burned body of 10-year-old Narmin Guliyeva, a resident of Dondar Gushchu village of Tovuz district, who went missing since November 19, 2019, was found in the village on January 6, 2020.

Suleymanov Ilkin Ibrahim oglu, born in 1973, a resident of the village of Dondar Gushchu, who was suspected of committing the crime, was arrested as a result of urgent investigative actions and operational search measures carried out by the investigation and operation team consisting of the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office in order to solve the crime. was involved in the investigation.

Numerous witnesses were interrogated in the case, forensic-medical, forensic-biological, forensic-chemical expertises were appointed and other necessary investigative actions were carried out.

I. Suleymanova was found guilty under articles 120.2.4 (intentional murder with special cruelty), 120.2.9 (intentional killing of a person who is clearly helpless for the guilty person), 144.3 (kidnapping) and other articles of the Criminal Code and a criminal case was opened.