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30 Aug 2022 04:43





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NACC sets up inspection flag

senator helps female police lieutenant accused of beating a former senator

The Army Corps of Engineers was injured.

Serving in violation of the rules, "Sing Suek" informs the petitioner must specify the name

senator to be clear

How does it break the rules?

After that, the ethics test is taken, while the Royal Thai Army Commander reveals the investigation of the female police officer to help the government.

ISOC is in the process of not setting a time frame.

After the Commission on Anti-Corruption and Misconduct (NACC), the House of Representatives appointed Pol. Gen. Sereepisut Temeiwes as the chairman of the audit of Pol.Lt.T.A. Ying Korn. Sasir Buayam, commander of the Group 4, Commander-in-Chief of Police 1, claimed to be the wife of a senator in the case of tortured Ms. B (alias), a former Royal Thai Army Lt. relocate

Get special privileges. Link to the senator who helps and the enforcer.

Banpu may be guilty of Section 157.

Progress in the late morning of Aug. 29, Mr. Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, secretary-general of the National Anti-Corruption Council (NACC) mentioned the case of investigating government officials in the wrongful use of their powers. appoint

A female police lieutenant enlisted in the police service, alluding to the senator's involvement in the action.

If it is related to a member of the House of Representatives or a senator and is a matter of performing duties incorrectly.

Appointment to help each other is considered within the powers and duties.

NACC can check

because it is an abuse of authority

In such cases, the petition has already been submitted.

After this, you will be logged in to check that

under the authority

NACC or not?

and entering the process of fact checking must look at the facts again

How to be appointed

who appointed

Qualified or not

How to apply


The NACC can raise suspicious grounds for investigation by itself.

There is a Bureau of Investigation and Special Affairs monitoring the news.

and collecting preliminary information to get clear facts

On the side of Gen. Singsuk Singprai, Vice-President of the Senate

As the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee

gave an interview about the progress of setting up the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the facts of Mr. Watchara Petchthong, a former Democratic MP.

Submit the matter to the Senate for investigation.

A senator who has a behavior of entrusting a female SEC and transferring to ISOC Region 4 (front section), but does not actually go to work in the area.

According to Mr Watchara's request, who was the complainant?

violate any regulations

not according to the rules

The staff are currently collecting information.

will coordinate to Mr. Watchara this week that

Who do you want to complain to?

How does it break the rules?

When will I get complete information?

The time frame for the Ethics Examination will start with one that must be completed in 60 days, extending to a maximum of 120 days.

The senator has no duty to investigate and find out who it is.

to go together as

The senator is not in the audit rules.

The respondent must clearly identify who the respondent is in order to properly inquire.

At present, he is only listed as a senator.

I don't know if it's true or not. If it's not a senator. Then society or the media who criticize it, who will be responsible? Who will apologize to the senator. But if yes, it will proceed according to the ethics code of the senator. Now waiting to hear news via various channels. who is

Don't assume that all senators

General Narongphan Jitkaewtae, commander-in-chief of the Royal Thai Army, said that the investigations into the case of ISOC's female police officers are pending the results of all investigations.

and must be fair to all parties

Can't set time frame

because it involves many people

must be checked to be clear

A preliminary investigation and immediate conclusion would not be possible.