3 more days, the lottery will be released. This draw, the lottery hasn't traveled yet. Don't forget to look at the "lucky numbers" 1/9/65

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29 Aug 2022 06:00





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There are only 3 days left to be a millionaire.

"Lucky numbers for this draw"

, have you bought a


yet? The lottery prepares to issue lottery results for this draw 1/9/65 from the water airport.

Prepare to see which millionaire will be the most lucky.

On August 29, 2022, reporters reported that there are 3 days left for the government lottery.

or the lottery

Monthly installment 1 September 2022

For the atmosphere of lottery sales in this draw, it was found that

"lucky numbers"


"famous numbers"

were all bought, especially

"lucky numbers"

, whether in Bangkok.

or other provinces, but for other

"beautiful numbers"

, you can still buy them at the stalls

There are still plenty of lotteries left to choose from as well.

While some gamblers do not forget to look for lucky numbers from social media.

Due to the epidemic situation of the virus


or even lucky numbers according to beliefs, dreams, sacred things

But this kind of thing depends on the luck of each person.

by many people who have bought


to prepare to win luck in the draw on 1/9/65

However, for lottery draws on September 1, 2022, the Government Lottery Office will issue prizes from the Sanam Bin Nam office.

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