25 people lost their lives in 22 murders that took place this summer.

Unfortunately, the largest number of murders have been for banal motives.

10 people have lost their lives due to momentary conflicts of the type "why did you talk to the girl I like" such as the case of Martin Çeço in the village of Kolanec in Maliqi, on June 12 or the case of Klodian Baki on August 17 in Saranda who was killed with a knife for a parking space.

While 33-year-old Madrid Ulqinaku was killed in Elbasan just because he was caught talking to an 18-year-old.

But more serious were the mafia murders that shocked the country.

On June 3, Neim Bajri was executed in Shkodër while he was drinking morning coffee in the Rus neighborhood.

After the incident, the perpetrators burned the "Benz" car and disappeared without a trace.

On June 11, 27-year-old Aleksandër Sadikaj was executed with an explosive in Tirana while he was traveling on the outskirts of Tirana with his vehicle.

It is suspected that the incident was related to the dark past of the young man, but the police could not reach the perpetrators.

Even more shocking was the triple murder at the Fushë-Kruja overpass on July 17, where the 3 young men Brilant Martinaj, Besmir Hoxha and Diklen Vata around 2:30 p.m. were shot dead in a busy highway and then their vehicle was flame.

The event is suspected of revenge, but the massacre is still without a perpetrator.

About 1 week later, it is suspected that Klisman Reci was executed and Ylli Brahimaj was wounded in Milot for the same reasons.

A similar assassination took place on August 18 outside the village of Panaja, where Hakim Xhezo and Shpati Lena were executed inside the "Benz" vehicle.

While the perpetrators who were driving a "BMW" a few kilometers further left the vehicle on fire and the weapons and left.

The event is suspected of revenge since both victims were implicated in the murder of a businessman in August 2019.

Unfortunately, 3 murders in the family have been recorded in the country this summer, on July 6 in Lushnjë the son strangled his father, on July 30 in Elbasan Jetlira Elezi was killed by her husband.

The last crime this summer was recorded in Mallakastër on August 25.

Mariglen Muhametaj killed his 73-year-old father with hard objects after the latter asked him to get a job.