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29 Aug 2022 05:09





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In the case of a female army corps petitioner

Police Lieutenant Colonel

Charges of assault, etc.

Some people may see it as a small matter.

It was a personal altercation between a female police officer and a female soldier.

But if you look deeply

This is not a personal matter.

But it is a reflection of a big problem in Thai society.

and related to various government organizations

Related to the Royal Thai Police (NSTDA) who accepted the Pol.T.T. as a policeman at the age of 39, which violated the NBTC regulations, but was exempted because

"A person with inadequate qualifications" is a vocational certificate in accounting.

was transferred to the police

Then was asked to help the government at

ISOC Southern

Therefore, it became involved in another government agency, ISOC.

It is a move to help the government.

without having to walk to the duty

ISOC Southern

Just owning a coffee shop in Ratchaburi

receive various benefits

and get the right to count the service life times

and receive various benefits from public tax

It also claims that it is a "gik" of the Senate. The Senate is involved in another organization.

Female Pol. Lt. Col. is really going to be a senator gig? The Senate remains silent.

But it is certain that the Pol.Lt.T. or "adult" can actually leave the complainant to be a soldier.

Get your salary from real people's taxes.

but received the money and gave it

Female Pol.Lt.A. as an employer

All of these are reflections of the patronage system or the partisan system in Thai society.

It reflects that entering government service must use a connection, must have an "adult" as a deposit, and that adult must have the power and prestige.

Make government agencies considerate and when entering government service

There will be lobbying for a good position.

with benefits in money or advancement, such as multiplying the age of service, working 1 year is counted as 2 years when receiving a pension

In the era of full dictatorship in the past, some governments enacted martial law in some areas.

and government officials who perform duties

Staying in that area will receive various privileges.

including special allowances

But the current government has not declared martial law, but has enacted the Emergency Decree in some areas such as the southern border provinces.

But when the epidemic of coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, the government announced

National Emergency Decree

In order to solve the epidemic crisis, the Emergency Decree has become an important power of governments and government officials, although the Royal Decree cannot suppress the COVID-19.

But it has become an important tool in dispersing the rally.

to oppose the government.