Look at the trend of investing in Thai art.

The new option yields more than expected.

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27 Aug 2022 07:22





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Investing in art is becoming an important and rewarding alternative around the world. In 2022 alone, the number of global art trading turnover reached 2.3 trillion baht, totaling 36.7 million works, with art prices across ASEAN growing steadily. continually

especially Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

An art auction was held at a record high value.

including the works of Indonesian artist Raden Saleh breaking an auction record of 260 million baht, "Portrait de Mademoiselle Phuong" (1930) by Vietnamese artist "Mai Trung Thu" with an auction price of 77 million baht, and the result Filipino artist José Joya's “Space Transfiguration” is auctioned at 54 million baht, while Thailand still has twice the value of art compared to neighboring countries.

in spite of the fact that Thai artists have the potential not inferior to any nation

Thai people should use this opportunity to collect works of Thai artists.

as a new alternative to generate returns in the future

ready to help drive Thai art to have the opportunity to shine on the world stage

To promote Thai art to advance in the world

The chairman of Art Tank Group, Sermkhun Kunawong, is a gala selection of 60 great works of art from famous artists from different periods of Thailand to be auctioned under the theme of "The Iconic Treasure" on the 11th. This September at TRUE ICON HALL Convention, 7th floor, ICONSIAM shopping center.

This event is open for viewing.

Exclusive at Private Gallery inside CW Tower and full view on 8-11 Sep 2022 at TRUE ICON HALL Convention

If you want to delve into the essence of investing in Thai art

Able to analyze the division of Thai art into 4 groups: “Thai Old Master”, led by Her Royal Highness Prince Krom Phraya Risaranuwattiwong, Phra Soralak Likhit, Khrua In Khong, Kru Thong Yoo and Kru Khongpae, two skilled craftsmen, painted a curtain wall, challenged the skill of painting the wall in the reign of King Rama III at the Suwannaram Ratchaworawihan Temple.

Along the Bangkok Noi canal

This group of works of art is very limited.

Therefore, there is no turnover in accumulation and investment.

"Thai Modern Art" group of artists who study abroad and return to create Thai art by using Western techniques such as Fua Haripitak, Kii Yimsiri, Chamruang Wichienkhet, Chalood Nimsamer, Thawan Duchanee and Somphot Upin to later disciples of "Sinpa Bhirasri" such as Chakphan Posayakrit, Chalermchai Kositpipat, Panya Vichinthanasarn and Roengsak.


Because many artists in this group have died.

causing the number of pieces to be limited

Therefore, the value tends to increase steadily.

“Thai Com Temporary Art” led by Montien Boonma, Kamin Lertchaiprasert, Natee Utarit, Pinree Sanpitak, Araya Ratchamroensuk and Rerkrit Thiravanich. The originator of a new art cult, “aesthetics related” is considered an important milestone in Thai art history in moving towards global acceptance.

Investments in art in this group are suitable for modern lifestyles.

“Thai Art Now Artist Group” grew up in the social media era that connected the world as one.

and the integration of art and connection with daily necessities

The outstanding Thai artist "Kongkan (Kantaphon Methikul)" works with Johnnie Walker, Louis Vuitton and "Yun-Punpat Techamethakul" jointly. Project with Gucci

The price of the works of this group of artists is still in the hundreds of thousands to the top millions.

which is considered an attractive price for investment

There may be some risks.

but is a group that has invested and has a quick return

The godfather of Thai art industry suggested that

If you are interested in investing in Thai art, you should set clear guidelines, for example, a concert style weights 60% for modern art groups in Thailand and 40% for other groups, or an aggressive style weights 60-70% for artists. Thai Art Now, the rest are other groups.