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28 Aug 2022 6:30 a.m.





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The realm of

"power vacuum"

is a phenomenon that has never happened before in Thai political history.

With the Constitutional Court by a majority of 5 to 4 votes, leaders like

"Big Tu" General Prayut Chan-ocha

, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, cease to serve as Prime Minister.

From the 24th of August until the decision

According to the reason that the Constitutional Court considered the petition and the supporting documents and saw that

The facts according to the request appeared.

“reasons to suspect that there is a case as requested”

Continuing with the judges of the Constitutional Court with a unanimous vote of 9 to 0, ruling in the case that Mr. Chuan Leekpai, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, brought a petition from the opposition party's MPs.

General Prayut's 8-year tenure as Prime Minister

to the point where it is implied that it does not comply with the provisions of the Constitution

Soon, within 15 days the Constitutional Court gives the opportunity

General Prayut

As the respondent filed an explanation to answer the allegations to the Constitutional Court.

from the date of receipt of the copy of the request

Thailand must be out of range

“Complete Leadership” for a period of time

to be automatic

According to the law, "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, First Deputy Prime Minister, held the position.

"Acting on behalf of the Prime Minister"

The type that Mr. Wisanu Krue-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister for Legal Affairs, confirmed that he has "full power".

both the appointment and transfer of civil servants

budget approval

including raising various children's laws

without seeking approval from the Prime Minister in accordance with the order of the Prime Minister's Office regarding the assignment of the Deputy Prime Minister to act on his behalf

or even adjusting the Cabinet

because Gen. Prayut had to stop performing duties according to the Constitutional Court's order.

"Som Lon" put "Big Pom" as a ten-wheeled vehicle.

Fulfilling the Dream of “The Old Soldiers Never Die” chronicles the history of an old soldier who, in his lifetime, has reached the number one podium holding the reins of the government.

have full powers to administer the country

without having to wait for the next round of elections

Spotlight shines at Ban Pa Roi Ruea

A power that was suddenly sparked up.

By the nature of the game, power and advantage run towards the center of gravity.

The hanging bastard, the younger brother in the gut, the outer brother, the armor knocking on the shell together in a tumultuous place.

The ball flows into the square of Bata, supporting "Big Brother", shoots at the mouth of the door, never misses the "golden opportunity, diamond burial minute", fate is destined to say no.

But that's not for Thai people who are faced with a forced fight "Escape Big Tu meets Big Pom" is unacceptable with Aesop's fable "The Frog Chooses You".

Emotions in the social media world

The parade shared a picture with a funny caption "Big Brother" sleeping in the council meeting room.

accidentally took a nap during the presidency

have to walk on the island to follow the soldiers up to the office

"Big Brother" shrugged and pushed each other to sit in the leader's chair.

Reinforcing the funny pictures from the first minute that they knew that "Big Pom" received Som Lon, acting for "Big Tu"

ridiculed with the solemnity that scholars

The teacher of the university, Sai Opposing the power of 3 years, does not want to be fooled.

"Swap the cards" Gen. Prayut went to Gen. Prawit to take over the reins instead.

That means nothing has changed from the succession plan.

The chasing mob still does not settle down.

"Big Tu - Big Pom"

According to the situation, there are only professional politicians in the Pracharat power camp.

people in the government wing

including the opposite polarity, such as the Pheu Thai Party, which is acceptable to give

Gen. Prawit became a boxer instead.

"Hua" Suie spoke the same language easier than "Big Tu".

But looking at the front of the masses

The current against the power of 3 P.S. has not weakened in any way.

Just the Constitutional Court for a short time to allow the booing of "Big Tu" to tone down for a while.

in the vacuum of political power that does not benefit the state of the country's administration

especially in the economy that has already fallen into the elephant's belly

The tendency to become more and more coma

both in the corner of the confidence of investors inside and outside the country

The clarity of the government's economic stimulus policy that fluctuates with the leadership status

Importantly, it is also a juncture for the migration of government officials.

especially in the part of the army and police who are carrying the darts

are directly related to the status of Prime Minister

When "Big Tu" was ordered to stop performing duties

It had an impact.

but how to do it

when it is a matter of constitutional law

that coincidentally meets the conditions of the political power struggle

The story happened at the rhythm of the thread to the needle.

Close to the full government term

The battle of chasing battered the image of the collapse of

General Prayut

Therefore, it was humiliated by the opposition as the first victory in the appellation of the 3 year old military leader down from power.

The chance of falling off the table is the most obvious in 8 years that has it all.

However, as of today, it is not considered the final answer.

for the status of

General Prayut

on the prime minister's chair

Will I be able to continue or just stop here?

The decision of the Constitutional Court can still be issued on every page.

Despite having a little bit of angularity with the 5 to 4 resolution that the judges of the Constitutional Court by the majority ordered

Gen. Prayut suspends his duties until a ruling is made.

It is considered the first victory of the petitioner.

The more underlined

“The Court considered the petition and supporting documents and saw that

The facts according to the request appear reasonable grounds to suspect that there is a case as requested.”

The point where the cursing pile is eager to deflect.


The court signaled that the case had merit.

But that doesn't mean that

It's time for a judge of the Constitutional Court to see otherwise.

because in the corner of the law

It also has a channel.

Gen. Prayut sends information back and forth to defend

especially citing the prime minister's knot

The Council must be appointed by the National Assembly.

According to the 2017 Constitution, it is different from the Prime Minister.

His Majesty the King after the 2014 coup

Counting the same time for 8 years but interpreted differently

As people in the industry say

Thai legal language: “Flexible”

It is not strange at all if

General Prayut

Those who have passed the interpretation of the law do not know how many stages.

will escape from the knot of "Prime Minister for 8 years"

Let's say that if the final lottery comes out

The Constitutional Court affirmed Gen. Prayut

The term of office of Prime Minister has not yet ended.

and there may be a deadline that

Start counting from a certain range

That means "Big Tu" has gone on. The power of the Prime Minister is back in the hands.

and the first mark is

Raising the flag in front of the Inter show on the stage of the APEC leaders' meeting in Bangkok as a dream is an honor of life.

But that must be met with a chasing mob.

That came back to light the fire for sure.

Or another angle if the result is the opposite.

The Constitutional Court ordered

General Prayut

At the end of the term of office of 8 years, he must leave his chair permanently.

It is the "Big Fort" that has to hurry to deal with the huge pile of "Oranges".

According to the "Big Brother" game, it would take "acting for the prime minister" for a short period of time to stock up on consumables for the election.

occupy the most advantageous advantage for the Pracharat power camp command base

And was not spared either. "Big Fort" will encounter a loud booing stream, not losing to "Big Tu".

It seemed to be even more serious.

but all

Under the phenomenon of interlude 2 P. Escape "Big Tu" meets "Big Fort", separated from time to camouflage.

It's clearly the same

with continued efforts

Either Gen. Prayut or Gen. Prawit

No one thought of escaping.

But settle down and fight to the death base.

"Political team"