The Chairman of the National Council of Albanians of the Presheva Valley, Ragmi Mustafi, has called the agreement on the documents between Kosovo and Serbia a small step towards the normalization of relations between the two states, which should be concluded with the final, internationally binding agreement.

In a post on Facebook, Mustafi emphasized that the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations is achieved through reciprocity, which does not inevitably avoid the treatment of the position of the Albanians in the Presheva Valley.

"A small step towards normalization.

Despite the fact that this dialogue is mediated by EU representatives, this potentially escalating crisis emphasized the involvement of the USA as a decisive factor," he wrote.

Otherwise, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has announced that an agreement has been reached between Kosovo and Serbia on identity cards, while the Government of Kosovo has not yet provided details, saying that they will be announced in time.