The Party of Kosovo Serbs (PKS) has reacted after the agreement on documents between Kosovo and Serbia, saying that this represents a great victory for Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

"President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić today once again confirmed that the Serbs in Kosovo do not have a state, but an illusion of a state, directed in Belgrade and through the state media.

The Serbs in Kosovo are left alone and left to the will of the West and the Government of Kosovo", says the reaction.

This great victory of Albin Kurti, according to PKS, has been confirmed by all Serbs who remember more than ten days.

"This "victory of Serbia" is only a signal for the Serbs to forcefully leave Kosovo and seek their future in a more normal country.

We are afraid that the Serbs in Kosovo will not survive the next victory of Aleksandar Vučić", concludes the reaction.