Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi reacted today to the controversies created in the public opinion about the provision of the old Medical High School in Tetovo for the use of the Real Estate Cadastre Agency, stressing that the decision approved by the Government was not undertaken with any negative trend.

Grubi clarified that such a decision was initially approved in 2021 at the request of the Agency at the time when Teuta Arifi was the mayor of the municipality and that the same year at the request of the municipality these spaces were returned to the school.

He has clarified that the Real Estate Cadastre Agency has repeated the same request this year on the grounds that there are unused spaces and the Government, just like in 2021, has again approved the decision without any negative trend.

Artan Grubi emphasized that "for the Government, the voice and will of the October residents is decisive, therefore from Tuesday the decision will be taken to return these spaces to the service of the Medical High School in Tetovo".