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Siwadul Mannga

27 Aug 2022 05:18





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August 24, August 24, the Constitutional Court ordered "Big Tu" Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha and the defense minister to stop serving as prime minister.

while waiting for a decision on the issue of being prime minister for 8 years

There is "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister acting for the Prime Minister.

after the order came out

Everyone is confused about the powers and duties of the person acting for the prime minister.

The person who gave the best answer was

"Ajarn Witsanu Krue-ngam", Deputy Prime Minister who has been a majestic lawmaker "Big Tu" since the NCPO era until the current government.

Side by side for more than 8 years

"Master Vishnu" did not disappoint.

Standing for the media to ask questions

both at the Parliament Building - Government House

Clarify clearly how much power "Big Pom" can do, what can't "Big Tu" when there is only the position of the Minister of Defense, what can it do or not?

until everything is cleared, there is no need to worry about each other anymore

Finally, "Ajarn Wissanu" is the one who asked the media.

“Any more questions to ask?”

Duke level lawyers must be like this, Master!!!

Siwadul Mannga