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The Minister of Defense in the government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Slavyanka Petrovska, said in the program "Click Plus" on TV21 that Macedonia, as a member of NATO, will receive an air defense system next year, which it will buy from France, Nezavisen Vesnik reports. , quoted by BTA.

It will not be announced where it will be located, this is our strategic interest.

At the beginning of September, I will sign the order contract with the French colleague, and next year we expect the delivery, revealed Petrovska.

The minister said that the Republic of North Macedonia is ready to send additional military aid if Ukraine requests it, but only if it does not affect the country's combat readiness.

Two powerful explosions echoed in Melitopol that night

If we do not need (the weapons) and if we receive a positive opinion from the General Staff that combat readiness is not violated, we are ready to approve new military equipment for Ukraine, the minister said.

Petrovska added that "the Republic of North Macedonia helps Ukraine only because it believes that the territorial integrity of a country should not be violated."

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the only wrong decision has been that of the Russian side for military aggression.

Ukraine is under attack and its territorial sovereignty is threatened, pictures of attacks on civilian targets such as schools and hospitals have been published.

That is why Ukraine needs help to defend itself, Petrovska said.

She added that by the end of the year, 27 more military armored personnel carriers bought by the United States will arrive in the country.

The purchase of this armored vehicle is one of eight key major projects for the modernization of the army. 

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