The head of the Japanese police, Itaru Nakamura, announced today that he has resigned and admitted that there were lapses in the security of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was killed on July 8 during an election rally, France Press reported, quoted by BTA.

"We have decided to reorganize our team and start on a new basis as far as our security tasks are concerned, so I have offered my resignation," Nakamura said at a news conference detailing the findings of the investigation into the mistakes made in guarding the former prime minister. .

Nakamura took responsibility for them.

"After examining the incident most carefully, we decided to start from scratch and review our security system," he said.

Shinzo Abe died from wounds sustained at a rally on July 8.

The suspect, arrested at the scene, shot him in the back.

It emerged that he blamed the former statesman for being associated with a religious group known as the Moon Sect and for resulting problems in his family.

Security measures during the event were not particularly tight, even though Abe was the archipelago's most prominent politician.

Local police have admitted there is "irrefutable" evidence of lapses in security.

The Japanese prime minister accused the police of inadequate actions that led to the death of Shinzo Abe

The police chief did not say when his resignation would take effect.

According to Japanese media, it is expected to be voted on tomorrow at a meeting of the government, the Associated Press reported.


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