The Police Station in Malishevë, after receiving information through operational and investigative channels that shots were fired at a party in Malishevë (also supported by other units within the Regional Police Directorate in Gjakovë) has carried out a check in the village of Bubavec, Municipality of Malisheva.

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Pursuant to the search warrant issued by the Court, an AK47 automatic rifle with one magazine, a hunting rifle, two pistols with one magazine and 105 cartridges of different types as well as a cartridge were seized.

Regarding the case, two people were arrested as suspects:

• NK, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo, born in 1960 and

• GK, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo, born in 1993.

The suspects, after the interview, by the decision of the State Prosecutor, were released in a regular procedure.

A criminal case has been initiated against them "Unauthorized ownership, control or possession of weapons" and "Use of a weapon or dangerous tool"./