In the last 20 days, 19 drug dealers were arrested by the officers of the General Anti-Narcotics Department, and 154 kilograms of narcotics were found in them.

APA was informed about this by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It was reported that during the operations carried out by the General Anti-Narcotics Department in the capital and regions over the past 20 days, an organized group was found that smuggled large quantities of narcotics into the country, engaged in the cultivation of narcotic plants, organized the sale of narcotics online, and involved minors in drug couriers. 19 more members were detained.

A total of 154 kilograms of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, 1752 psychotropic pills, 3739 cultivated hemp bushes and 33 Makarov pistol cartridges were found from those persons.

Based on the received information, Agil Aghazade, Alizade Bakhshiyev and Azim Azimov were detained during special operations in Baku city and regions.

A total of 103 kilograms of highly effective narcotics were recovered from these individuals, the cars they were driving, as well as the houses they lived in, including 34 kilograms of heroin, 14 kilograms of opium, 15 kilograms of methamphetamine, 40 kilograms of marijuana, electronic scales, money obtained from the sale of drugs and online sales. plastic cards used during

The main goal of the mentioned persons was to sell drugs smuggled into the country, and to lure new people into drug couriers under the name of making easy money.

It should be noted that in addition to Azim Azimov's plot of land in Sabunchu district, which is equipped with irrigation, ventilation and irrigation system, 3724 hemp bushes weighing 2 tons and 600 kilograms were also discovered.

As a continuation of the operational measures, 16 more people who organized the intensive sale of drugs were detained during the mentioned period.

Among them, 51 kilograms of different types of drugs and other material evidence important for the case were found.

Regarding the facts, criminal cases have been initiated under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, preventive measures of arrest have been chosen for each of the detained persons.

Once again, we urge citizens to stay away from drugs for the sake of a healthy future, not to believe the false promises of drug dealers and to support police officers in this area.