Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has pledged to bring "peace to Ukraine and to all citizens in Crimea".

He made these promises during a speech held at the international summit regarding the Crimean platform, Telegrafi reports.

Speaking before the delegation from 50 countries, Zelensky said that Kiev will restore the rule of law over the regions annexed by Russia.

"We will overcome terror, restore security in our region, Europe and the whole world.

We have to win.

We need victory against Russian aggression.

For this reason, we must also liberate Crimea from the occupiers.

It started in Crimea and will end in Crimea," added Zelensky.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian president warned Moscow of more frequent actions if the Russians continue to carry out attacks on the day Ukraine celebrates its independence day.

Asked during a press conference during the visit of Polish President Andrzej Duda about the possibility of Russia carrying out airstrikes in Kiev, he said that they are threatened by attacks every day and Ukrainian intelligence is cooperating with foreign intelligence services.

"Russia does this all the time.

They may increase the number of attacks during August 23 and 24.

What will Ukraine do if Kiev is hit?

Same as now.

As far as I am concerned as president and for every Ukrainian, Kiev, Chernihiv, Donbass – they are all the same.

Ukrainians live there - even in Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia," added Zelensky.