not past the point of falling off the board

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24 Aug 2022 6:41 a.m.





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Escape from "du" to meet "fort"

It is said that according to the condition of surrender to the forced fight at the "Neti service" such as Mr. Wisanu Krea-Ngam, Deputy Prime Minister Lectures in advance

If the Constitutional Court accepts the interpretation of "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, served as prime minister for 8 years and ordered to stop performing duties.

The big oranges will fall to "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the number one deputy prime minister.

has served as the acting Prime Minister instead

until the court has a decision

by law locked in regulations

The cabinet follows each other in shoulder order.

I believe that the hanging guy who hangs around the "big brother" should be able to fight against the buckling.

Or even the opposite side like the Pheu Thai party. The team "Mr. Dubai Mall" would be happy to have it.

"Big Brother" took over the reins of the government instead of "Big Tu"

It seems to point to a bird as a bird.

pointing to wood

Easier to speak the same language

with the government formula "Hua" across the pole that has occurred since before the big election

Benefit opportunities

Both the rules favor "land slide", 2 ballots, a party list divided by 100

Release ghosts from far away land to come back to share the power game.

There is no "Big Tu", everyone is mutually beneficial.

Let's say that according to the conditions, the situation is flowing into the "Big Brother" parade team, almost every door, looking at the feeling of comfort, "Big Pom" goes on a daily tour of the provinces.

In contrast to "Big Tu" whose face is stressed, he doesn't accept merit.

Hidden on the Thai building

In a "vacuum" of power that occurs after midnight on August 23 onwards

under the question mark

Gen. Prayut can use the power of the Prime Minister or not?

Because it may cause "void" legal consequences turbulence.

According to the situation, the path of "Big Tu" continues to drag the power game.

being squeezed into a dead alley

assessed on a general political basis

in the mood of a career politician

elected leader

If the situation is so stressful

Chances of opening the ass to dissolve the council to escape is high.

but that's it again

It's not like a professional military leader.

General Prayut

which has a different power composition from the Prime Minister that comes from professional politicians

“Standed”. Still, there is no sign of falling off the board yet.

That means still being confident in the team's power, "backups" are still pushing back.

"Nanny" still refuses to "throw the cloth" and has to die on the stage

And assessed according to the game image, it is inevitable leading to the encounter scene.

according to the symptoms of the chasing party who transformed the procession into a big "tsunami"

Intellectuals, students, students, professors, academics go to the doctor until they join the group.

Shouting Appehi, the 3 year old military leader, get out of the chair, set the deadline, lock the day.

Light a tinder eruption, summon soldiers to the streets, no longer begging for alms.

The situation flowed to this point.

In a predictable mood, "Big Tu" was probably nervous about the status of a military leader who had been knocked down by a mob.

Repeating the dictatorship of Top Boot from the past

But that's probably less than the word "ego" that doesn't want to let anyone else do it.

At the point where I still have a chance

If the Constitutional Court decides to continue holding the position of Prime Minister

That is equal to the full power of the leader is still in the hands of "Big Du" can press the game button.

It will dissolve the House of Representatives after career politicians on both sides and opposite sides who ride on their necks.

or if the battle game flows into the danger zone

The mob chasing chaos

It is also the duty of the Army Security Department to play the role of the peacekeeping commissioner.

Overturn the rotten political boards with the lost soldiers.

The opportunity to cut the game halted across the pole was placed in the council.

Child law on pending elections

Party list formula divided by 100, 2 ballot cards, there must be a stumbling block.

The person who dreams of "Landslide" has the hope of waking up and bursting with sweat.

political news team