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Starting Monday, South Korea and the United States have held a series of joint military exercises, thus resuming the plan suspended four years ago due to growing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.

Dubbed Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS), the exercises

will run until September 1

and include three key elements: computerized command post simulation exercises, field training and civil defense exercises.

The plan will be carried out in two stages: the first will consist of a series of maneuvers to repel North Korean attacks and defend the national capital area of ​​Seoul, while the second will focus on counter-attack operations.

During the first segment,

the South Korean Army will simultaneously carry out simulations of several real scenarios for four days


In particular, they will recreate the detection of improvised explosive devices in nuclear power plants, the fire in a semiconductor factory, the paralysis of a banking network, terrorist acts in airports and drone attacks, the Ministry of Defense reported.

In total, within the framework of the UFS, the allies plan to conduct 13 joint training programs on the ground.

The second part will be the full operational capability assessment of a program designed to test Seoul's capabilities to lead the allies' combined forces.

Also, this is the first field training for war operations in which the South Korean military has provided its front-line troops with religious emblems.

This is an initiative that aims to help soldiers lift their spirits.

(With information from RT in Spanish) 

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