With regard to the current Atlantic hurricane season/2022, Cubadebate together with the entuMovil services, from the Havana Division, from Desoft, call on mobile phone users in Cuba to participate in the contest by SMS: Hurricane!

The contest consists of the following and only question:

Which of the following three hurricanes, which hit Cuba in 2008, turned out to be the one with the highest category and highest damage?








To participate, those interested must send an SMS to 8888 with the text HURRICANE EVENT followed by the 


that precedes their response. 



2 Grand Prizes will be awarded consisting of recharges of $125 CUP and 3 more prizes referred to free subscriptions for one month to the service of press headlines of the Cubadebate Portal,

The 5 winners will be chosen by automatic draw among all the participants who guess the correct answer.

The Grand Prizes will correspond to the first 2 of the 5 winners in correspondence with the date of participation.

The results will be announced on August 30,

2022, and the victorious contestants will receive notification via SMS.

For more information, we recommend mobile phone users access the sites https://www.entumovil.cu and https://www.Cubadebate.cu

Similarly, through the pages and accounts of entumovil and Cubadebate on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.

As well as sending a free SMS to 8000 with the text HURRICANE HELP

And to clarify doubts: 7 832 35 01.

To keep abreast of the present and other participatory events that we will promote soon: send SMS (free) to 8000 with the text INFOMOVIL

entuMobile with you at all times!

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