"Two US Air Force B-52 military aircraft flew today over the city of Skopje, which is another demonstration of the unity and strong alliance in NATO, as well as the commitment of all member countries to the security and stability of the Euro-Zone of the Atlantic", announced the Ministry of Defense.

Regarding the flight of two American bombers, Lieutenant Colonel Jovan Azmanovski from the General Staff of the Army emphasized that Macedonia's skies are safe and our membership is more than visible.

"Today, the citizens of Skopje and North Macedonia were able to see a flyover of two B52 strategic bombers from the US Air Force, which show our membership in the NATO Alliance, the security of our skies and the skies of our allies.

said Lt. Col. Azmanovski.

The ministry informs that the B-52 bombers entered North Macedonia from Bulgaria near Kriva Palanka, made a low flight over the capital, after which they left the Macedonian airspace near Dibra.

During today's day, the American Air Force also flies over the airspace of Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.