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22 Aug 2022 06:00





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New foodie check-in point

Central Chidlom Department Store opens

"PUBLIC MARKET" (Public Market)

, a new food community in the heart of the city that is ready to serve a special experience.

Under the atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed, private, on the 2nd floor, the link between Central Chidlom Department Store.

and Central Embassy Shopping Center

Central executives Anant Tantipanyakun, Rawisara Chirathivat, Natthira Boonsri, Borom Phichanchit.

Within this public market

Foodies will be wowed by 10 Talk of the Town stalls of the era that have been gathered here in one place: Ba Hao Tian Mi (Ba Hao Tian Mi), El Mar ( El Mar), Gra zia Gelato & Coffee (Grazzia Gelato & Coffee), Guljak Topokki & Chicken (Goljak Tteokki & Chicken), John Donut (John Donuts), Little Market (Little Market), Machi Machi (Machi Machi), Pash Juices Bar (Patch Juice Bar), Phed Phed Pop (Spicy Pop) and Yuji Ramen (Yuji Ra). Maine) that the tag team brought together to serve a full range of quality menus.

Both main dishes

sweet food appetizer

and delicious drinks

In the midst of a chill atmosphere on the Pop-up area, a hangout zone that comes with a DJ booth

Let everyone have fun and enjoy the food here in one place.

This atmosphere is famous for foodies like Ja Sitawee Kongthana who said that at Public Market at Central Chidlom,

First of all, I must say that I was very surprised.

Because they combine chic and chic shops that many people know very well together.

The important thing is that you can order food from each restaurant to eat together.

Who likes anything, can order and share.

And what screamed so much was that Pa Hao Tian Mi, Ja's favorite shop, opened here as well.

And another restaurant is Goljak, Tteokbokki and Chicken. It is said that you can eat both savory and sweet menus at the same time in one place.

without having to walk to change shops

or find a new table

As for Ploypayap Srikanjana, she told her about her lifestyle of a foodie girl that she likes it very much and feels that it answers the needs of the new generation.

There are famous shops on social media to be gathered in one place.

As for the shop that I feel like I have to come back for sure is Machi Machi because Ploy is already a FC of this shop.

The highlight menu that I would like to recommend is cheese milk tea. Another restaurant is El Mar, a Modern European style seafood restaurant. The specialty must be Oyster because it's very fresh.

Experience a unique dining experience

Get it today at "PUBLIC MARKET", Central Chidlom, special!

Get a cash voucher worth 100 baht for purchases in the Cen tral Department Store, just pay for food via a participating credit card.

When dining for 1,000 baht, follow details at Facebook: Central Department Store