The mothers of children with disabilities from the National Civil Initiative "The System is Killing Us" announced that they will appear in the parliamentary elections as a civil quota in the lists of Maya Manolova's party "Stand Up Bulgaria". 

"Why Maya Manolova?

Because she was by our side all the time, she didn't abandon us, even when we separated from her party," Neli Dimitrova from "The System Kills Us" explained to journalists at the old building of the National Assembly.

Vera Ivanova said that they did not appear in the previous elections with Maya Manolova's formation because of the participation of the "Poisonous Trio" in the coalition at the time.

We will open our lists to people with causes and in the toughest leadership battle in 25 MIR - Sofia, it would be fair for Vera Ivanova to head the list, announced the chairperson of "Stand Up Bulgaria" Maya Manolova.

Manolova: We do not want to put up with the hypocrisy of those who lied about the protest

She pointed out that these are real, brave women, fighters.

Together with them, we will become a strong team of fighters and we will finally fight for the law on personal assistance, commented Manolova.

At the beginning of the week, "The System is Killing Us" announced that it would participate in the early elections for national representatives as a civil quota in the lists of a political party, which they did not name at the time.

They then removed their tent outside the former Party House and said their protest from the cobblestones outside would be moved inside parliament.

Today, "The System is Killing Us" announced the name of the formation with which they will appear in the elections, and they intend to plant an oak tree in the garden next to the National Assembly. 



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