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moon mother

20 Aug 2022 6:50 a.m.





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Politics at this minute is nothing as hot as the 8-year term as Prime Minister of Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha.

There are only 4 days left until the deadline of August 24, which is the day that General Prayut has been in office for 8 full years!!

Uncle Tu's destiny to live on?

Or have to go at all?

In the hands of 9 Constitutional Court judges!!

"Mae Luk Chan" respected that the Constitutional Court had a meeting on Wednesday every week.

This means that the next meeting of the Constitutional Court will take place on Wednesday, August 24.

Which coincides with the deadline that Prime Minister Uncle Tu holds the Prime Minister's chair for 8 years!!

If the general meeting of the Constitutional Court decides

"Prime Minister Uncle Tu" to end next Wednesday.

It would be something very "cool".

But if the Constitutional Court is unable to determine the fate

"Prime Minister Uncle Tu" to finish in one round

It is expedient that the Constitutional Court has an order.

"Gen. Prayut" must temporarily suspend his duties in accordance with the conditions stipulated in Article 82 of the current Constitution.

“Section 82” of the Constitution states that

If there is a reason to suspect that the respondent (Uncle Tu) has held the position of Prime Minister for more than 8 years as the opposition MPs file a petition to the Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court ordered the respondent (Uncle Tu) to temporarily stop performing duties.

until the Constitutional Court has a decision to reach a clear resolution.

because if let

"General Prayut" continued to use the power of the Prime Minister.

may damage the

Serious administration of the state affairs??

Just "Gen. Prayut" being ordered by the Constitutional Court to temporarily suspend his duties is big news. Start now.

If the Constitutional Court decides

Gen. Prayut has to suspend his duties as prime minister.


Must be the best big news in 10 years!!

"Mae Luk Chan" does not know who is the person who wrote the petition.

Opposition MPs submit to the Constitutional Court

because write off the log of the way of survival

"Prime Minister Uncle Tu" has all channels.

Don't let the wasp pass through at all.

by using the issues that the Constitutional Court had previously decided

brought in front of the trap for the Constitutional Court to decide according to the original guidelines

In the petition of MPs, the opposition coalition has picked up a ruling of the Constitutional Court No. 5/2018 that indicates that Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai

(A couple of merit, Prime Minister Uncle Tu) has the status of "Minister" both "before" and "after" the promulgation of the constitution.

"Uncle Don's case" and "Uncle Tu's case" are the same story.

same movie

If the endings are not the same, it's weird.

"Moon Moon"