End of the water crisis in Svoge.

Last night, the dried up river Iskretska began to regain its fullness.

They restored the water supply in Svoge

“At 6pm yesterday we checked our report.

It was showing 488 liters per second and by 9pm it was over 600 litres.

We have started restoring the water supply.

There is water in Svoge.

For these few days, nature with its extremes asked us quite sharp questions and accordingly we received the answers.

We rely on the institutions and the state to start acting quickly, so that we can solve the problems of this region", Ivan Ivanov, the director of the Water and Sewerage - Sofia, explained to bTV.

According to hydrologists, the reason for the drying up of the river is sediments that blocked the water's access to the water source or falling into the underground caves.

"On the occasion of the Petrokhan derivation, many questions arise because it falls into the catchment area of ​​the spring.

We must raise the questions of whether it is legal, whether all the water withdrawals on it are legal, whether it is legally exploited, by whom.

These are questions that, through the signature of the residents of the municipality of Svoge, we will ask the competent authorities", the mayor of Iskrets, Radoslav Yanchev, told BTV.

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Iskretska River