This was reported to Reuters by a source in European official circles.

She also believes that after such a loss, it will be much more difficult for Russian troops to threaten Ukrainian Black Sea cities, such as Odessa, from the annexed Crimea.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, also believes that Ukraine is achieving a "cumulative effect" by hitting the military infrastructure of the Russian army in the rear.

This can not only weaken the material support of the Russian troops, but also have a psychological effect on the Russian authorities.

"Anonymous sources in European official circles" in the case of military comments by the media are most often referred to as intelligence officers and other military intelligence services of Western countries.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain estimated the loss of Russian aviation in the explosion near Novafedorauka at least five Su-24 and three Su-30 bombers.

  • A series of explosions at the Saki air base took place in the morning of August 9.

    One person died.

    Ukraine has not taken official responsibility for the incident.

    The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that it did not detect any signs of external influence, and cited as a possible cause a violation of security technology that caused the detonation of ammunition.

  • On August 16, two more series of explosions took place at other military bases in the annexed Crimea - at the airfield in the village of Gvardzeyskoe near Simferopol and at an ammunition warehouse in the village of Maiskoe near Dzhankoy.

  • On August 19, Moscow officially announced the change of commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, under whose command is also naval aviation.

  • The adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podalyak, said in a comment to the British The Guardian that the Ukrainian special services intend to attack the supply lines of the Russian army in the next few months - ammunition depots, military bases, railway lines and power networks - in order to undermine logistics and "sow chaos" inside the Russian troops. , depriving them of ammunition and necessary supplies.

    However, he did not directly recognize the explosions at Russian bases in Crimea as a result of the actions of the Armed Forces.