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Taiwan is trying to free more than 300 of its citizens who were lured to Cambodia by criminal gangs with promises of high-paying tech jobs, then forced to work in call centers and scam citizens of mainland China to make payments for non-existent government fees or investments, BTA reports.

The Taiwanese government announced today that 333 of its citizens are stranded in Cambodia.

Local media have reported on the plight of people trapped in networks believed to be linked to organized crime.

Police at Taiwan's main Taoyuan International Airport patrol with signs warning of the dangers of fake high-salary offers in Southeast Asia.

Taiwan holds military exercises amid pressure from China

Taiwanese authorities contacted travel agencies to uncover the scams.

More than a dozen people have been arrested for recruitment schemes that aim to lure young people into jobs advertised as high-paying positions in computer engineering and similar fields.

It has also become a political issue as the Nationalist Party has accused the ruling Democratic Progressive Party of inaction on the issue.

Prime Minister Chan Sanchen called for diplomatic contact and a crackdown on the local criminal groups behind the scams.

Nationalist Deputy Secretary-General Li Yenxiu said more publicity was needed for authorities to crack down on fake job offers.