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Powerful explosions were heard in Crimea last evening.

Residents of Sevastopol uploaded videos on social networks showing flames and explosions. 

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Russian invasion of Ukraine 6679

According to media in Ukraine, the "Belbek" air force base not far from the city was attacked, reports Nova TV.

Kyiv reports new Russian missile attacks in Kharkiv and Odessa

Russia has not reported an attack.

The state agency cited a local administrator who wrote that a drone had been eliminated.

No damage and no injuries.

If the information about the attack on the military base is confirmed, it will be another attack on an important site in Crimea. 

Ukraine has equivocally deflected questions about whether it was behind the attacks in the past 10 days.

It is not entirely clear how exactly they are carried out, if they are the work of the Ukrainians.

The blasts are deep inside Russian-controlled territory.

Russian invasion of Ukraine


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