Janmashtami 2022: According to your zodiac sign, on Janmashtami, Kanha ji can apply makeup and enjoyment.

Janmashtami 2022 Ghog and Shringar:

The worship of Lord Krishna on the day of Janmashtami has special significance.

The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month.

This time Janmashtami 2022 is also being celebrated on 19th August 2022.

Let us tell you that some people have also celebrated the festival of Janmashtami on 18th August.

According to the scriptures, Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Narayan.

Therefore it is believed that by worshiping Shri Krishna, both Lord Krishna and Mother Lakshmi are pleased.

It is said that if one gets the grace of Shri Krishna, then there is no dearth of wealth and prosperity in life.

In such a situation, special measures are taken on Janmashtami to please Shri Krishna.

Let us know according to astrology that on Janmashtami, which things should be adorned by Lord Krishna according to the zodiac.

Also, what things should be offered to Kanhaj ji. 


People of Aries zodiac should wear red colored clothes to Lord Krishna and offer Makhan-mishri.

By doing this one can get the blessings of Shri Krishna. 


On Janmashtami, people belonging to Taurus zodiac should adorn Shri Krishna with silver work.

Also, offer butter to Kanha ji. 


Dress Lord Krishna with Gemini zodiac in lehariya clothes and offer him curd.


On Janmashtami, people of Cancer zodiac should wear white clothes to Shri Krishna, as well as offer milk and saffron to him.

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People of Leo zodiac can wear pink colored clothes to Kanha ji on Janmashtami today, as well as offer Makhan and sugar candy to them. 


People of this zodiac should wear green colored clothes to Shri Krishna on Janmashtami and offer dry fruits barfi.


Wear pink or saffron colored clothes to Lord Krishna with Libra zodiac.

Also, offer Makhan-mishri to Lord Krishna.


People of Scorpio zodiac should wear red clothes to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami and offer Mawa, Makhan or Ghee in Bhog.

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On Janmashtami, the people of Sagittarius should wear yellow clothes to Lord Krishna and offer yellow sweets in the bhog.


The people of Capricorn should wear orange clothes to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami.

Also, offer sugar candy to Kanha ji. 


People of Aquarius zodiac should wear blue colored clothes to Lord Krishna.

Also offer them sandal shahi.


On Janmashtami, the people of Pisces should wear Pitambari to Krishna and offer saffron and mawa ki barfi.

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(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. NDTV does not confirm this.)

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