Electricity reductions are also creating a problem for mosques.

This, since the power cut is causing the lectures in the mosque to fail.

For this reason, Imam Labinot Maliqi, from the Hospital Neighborhood Mosque, has asked KEDS to change the schedule of reductions during the time of prayers.

"I ask from KEDS and ERO, to change the schedule of reductions separately on Friday, and to take into consideration the Muslim believers who pray on Friday.

So that during the time of prayers there will be electricity in all the mosques in the Republic of Kosovo", said Maliqi.

"What I am asking for can be done by KEDS and ERO.

Therefore, so that we do not judge that they are deliberately stopping it in order to make our prayers and lectures fail, I ask that in the future, the interruption of electricity on Friday time, as happened today, will not be repeated," wrote Maliqi on the account of his on Facebook.

Otherwise, regarding the situation created in the energy system, the emergency technical committee, after two meetings on Wednesday, has recommended to KEK to provide the necessary energy to avoid reductions for consumers and deviations in the energy network.

According to them, this measure is recommended in order to overcome the situation with electricity supply, which will last until August 25.

Meanwhile, the citizens on the other hand have also warned of a protest against the reductions and increase in the cost of electricity./Telegrafi/