From Teacher Wipha, raising awareness of the seniors of the rank. Money turning 3.8 billion, defaulted 83 billion.

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19 Aug 2022 11:49 a.m.





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must admit

This is a better story than before for the Student Loan Fund or the KU, a fund that is intended to help students and students who need scholarships to study.

Even though we know that in reality, the people who borrowed it might not be the poor family at all.

But at least to have such assistance

It can still reach some people who really want to study, more or less.

Even a few days ago, there was news that a young man owed a debt of KK. Even to the point that the condo was seized and finally there was a negotiation to close the debt.

by reducing interest to hundreds of thousands of baht

When anyone sees the news, it becomes a drama.

Why go to help people who default on debt payments like that, or even the latest, even hunt for a list to cancel debt payments (read the news, answer the drama, hunt for the name "Cancel Debt KO. Overdue 3 hundred thousand)

Thairath Online Special News Team

Had the opportunity to talk with

Mr. Chainarong Kajchapanan, the Manager of the Education Loan Fund (YOT)

, about the progress of the fund status.

Loans are now available to students.

6,217,458 students, 696,802 million baht in loans, of which 1,633,702 have closed their accounts and are still studying.

Which is considered a grace period, 1,056,958 people, another 3,458,429 people are paying in installments.

For 2,002,917 defaulters (39%), the principal amounted to 83,004 million baht, while 3,089,214 borrowers (61%) were divided into 2 parts: 1,633,702 settlements, 1,455,512 regular repayments. 

As for the preparation of money for students, students to borrow in fiscal year 2022, the fund has prepared a budget of 38 billion baht to support more than 600,000 students and students, with 288,849 approvals.

“This money has no restrictions and no quota. It is said that if there are 7 hundred thousand people who ask for a loan, it is expected that they will still be able to borrow.

because he thinks he has enough loan

Even looking at the number of defaults that seem high

But we have to pay in.

and enough to turn around.”

The Fund Manager of KKF reveals that during the Covid-19 outbreak, KKR is trying to help those who borrow.

We have reduced interest for those who do not default from 1%, reduced to 0.01% if they close the account at all.

will reduce the principal to 5% in the case of those who default on payment

We will reduce the penalty to 0 baht at all or those who owe the installment.

For example, arrears for 4 installments and pay them in time.

This will reduce the premium by 80%.

Explain the drama, reduce the fine of 1 hundred thousand

In the example of people who will be confiscated of the condo, Mr Chainarong said that in this case, he owed about 3 hundred thousand baht, but was forced to seize 3 million condos. In this case, he said he wanted to close the account.

Therefore, the penalty is not charged about 1 hundred thousand baht.


So there's drama...why do people make an appointment to pay off debt?

was thus helped.

Fund manager YOT confirmed that “not discriminating.

because we set the same benchmark

because we lend to millions of people

which we tell everyone

If anyone defaults on payment

We will not charge any penalty at all.

If you want to close the account

This confirms that it is nothing special and is not the first case.

“Many people who have graduated

and became the person who started to build a position

Some people have cars and houses. Sometimes we understand that.

Most of the people need to buy things they need in life first, houses, motorcycles, cars, while NIDA also has very low interest rates.

may be paid as a later part

because paying for a car or motorcycle is slow

might be confiscated.”

Mr. Chainarong confirmed that the NESDB understands everyone.

Even those who default on payment

also reduced the premium from 7.5% to 0.5%

Pleasantly pleased for 4 years. Never spent money on the land.

It's senior money

forward to the younger generation

“What is happy is

Today we no longer use money from the state budget.

It has not been used since 2018, now we are using the money in circulation.

Which has assets of about 3.6 billion, which is the money that "seniors" pay to be used to help juniors"

When asked if

there were more seniors to pay off the loan after the case of "Kru Wipha Banyen" or not, Mr Chainarong admitted that there were many parts.

because of Kru Wipha's case

make the general public know more about the RT, which people used to owe

There is a misconception that

"No need to return", but when the case of Kru Wipha

cause awakening

Teacher Wipha, now you don't have to pay any money.

Some have already closed

Some of them are still left. At this time, Teacher Wipha doesn't have to bear this burden anymore.

the rest of the loan

that the teacher used to support

The student who borrowed it then showed up to continue paying the debt.

The teachers themselves were not confiscated and did not have to pay on behalf of their students.

Then in the case of teacher Wipha

that ever happened

How is it?

Education Loan Fund Act

which now has passed Agenda 1, if it really passes the council, it will be able to help convert new debt

For example, people who have been sued and their assets have been seized.

We will give him the opportunity to convert new debts.

by removing the original debt

Then the new debt to pay off.

If you continue

There is no problem, "penalty", we will forgive the debt.

We only ask for a refund of the principal.

to offer opportunities for children

student loan

No guarantor needed

fund manager

NESDB confirmed that

What has changed is the “Cancellation of Guarantees”, which at present, students do not need a guarantor.

In the past, there were cases where parents were debtors and were sued.

We also lend

not that bad

which confirms that the RTAF wants to give people the opportunity to learn

As for the

"salary deduction"

case, here we have one law that allows us to access debtor information.

We will know where he works.

which when we know where he works

will notify the employer

To ask for the salary deduction as he has agreed with us, for example, 12,000 baht per year, we deduct 1,000 baht per month, some people may not be able to pay.

We can reduce it to 10 baht per month, which we consider us as an opportunity fund.

In the end, the fund manager has deposited to 2 groups of people: the first group is the parents that

Don't worry, the KK is still a guarantee for the children.

I don't care about anyone

can be borrowed by anyone

and borrowing is not difficult

No need to borrow money outside the system

we give tuition

Living expenses, another 3,000 baht per month, graduating for 2 years, is still considered a debt-free period.

and have 15 years of repayment period with only 1% interest

As for those who are already in debt

I want you to help deliver opportunities to the younger generation.

have less, pay less

have a lot, pay a lot

I want to live with compassion

The important change is


In the past, interest was cut before the principal was not reached.

which was later modified by cutting the principal first

Followed by interest and interest which will enable the debtor to pay better debts.

“This kind of loan, if compared to the actual inflation rate, is considered the NESDB to be a party that is not worth it.

But we are a state fund.

who want to be "human capital" to provide access to education...

when people lack opportunity

therefore decided to borrow money

which in fact

After borrowing money and graduating from school, he didn't immediately take the money to pay off the debt.

He also spends his life, buying a house, buying a car, buying a new mobile phone. At some point, he can't pay the debt of the KK. In fact, the KK Fund is considered the most "kind" fund because we charge annual interest

It is different from other loans,”

said the fund manager Yot.

Special news team, Thairath Online reports.

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