The City of Skopje today started the implementation of the capital project for the construction of the mega park in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov – a new green space in the city that will cover more than 30,000 square meters.

The beginning of the activities for the construction of this new park was marked by the mayor of the City of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, the mayor of Gjorce Petrovi Municipality, Aleksandar Stojkovski, the director of NP "Parks and Greenery", Angele Sotirovski and the director of NP "Rrugë and Rrugica" ", Boris Nastov, announced from the Municipality of Skopje.

"Part of the priority capital projects for the people of Skopje in accordance with the program are five new mega parks in Skopje.

Therefore, today in the municipality of Gjorce Petrov we mark the beginning of the construction of the first mega park that we are building in Skopje.

As a person who has won the battle with cancer, as someone who has lost loved ones to this insidious disease, I think there are no more important and priority goals than to contribute in every possible way to Skopje being a city where we provide much better quality life.

In Skopje, we are starting something that has not been done until now, 5 new mega parks that will contribute in the long term to the protection and improvement of the environment," said Arsovska.

The site, they point out from there, which was previously a very large landfill of over 50,000 square meters, the teams of the City of Skopje managed to completely clean to create a new park space.

The work activities and horticulture arrangement of the mega park envisage four stages of realization, while the park is planned to have three parts with a total area of ​​over 30 thousand square meters.

The public enterprises "Rrugë e Rrugica" and "Parqe e Gjelbërim" are already carrying out the first phase of this new mega park, i.e. the preparatory leveling of the surface, excavation and complete marking in accordance with the project for the surface of the park is being done.

In this phase, the route of the pedestrian and bicycle lanes and the space for other contents are being determined, as well as the necessary underground installations are being placed.

The construction of green surfaces, the installation of the irrigation system, the planting of more than 2,200 trees of dozens of different types, as well as flower seedlings suitable for decorating and greening the surface of the park are foreseen.

In the final phase, the placement of urban equipment and the complete arrangement of the space with fountains, benches, accompanying elements, waste bins, bicycle parking, as well as adequate lighting are foreseen.

The mega park in each of the three parts has internal pedestrian lanes and additional entrance lanes.

The construction of a children's playground, pet playground and fitness area, with relevant props, as well as the construction of a parking lot for visitors is foreseen.

"In Skopje, given the situation with pollution, which is particularly alarming in the winter months, new green areas are needed, therefore I am strongly committed to the realization of the program priorities.

This mega park with its contents represents a new space in the city for recreation and quality leisure time and will contribute to the improvement of environmental conditions, as a benefit for all residents of this settlement and for visitors in general .

The total value of the project is 68,500,000 denars", explained the mayor Arsovska./Telegrafi/