After the publication of the video that raised doubts, the Pentagon has officially confirmed that AGM-88 HARM missiles were sent to the Ukrainians, writes Business Insider.

It is about missiles dedicated exclusively to the destruction of radars.

The advantage that Ukraine now has with the provision of these missiles - it will certainly help them in the fight against Russian soldiers, Telegraph reports.

Even the Russians should think twice before turning on their radars, as these missiles can reach their target in a matter of seconds - that is, destroy them completely.

The first reports that Ukraine possessed these missiles appeared in early August, after a Russian blogger filmed the remains of an AGM-88 missile at the site where the Russian anti-aircraft system had been destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has now confirmed it.

"We have included anti-radar missiles that can be fired from aircraft, and can have an effect against the radars of the Russians," US General Colin Kahl said, without elaborating on the type of missiles sent to Kiev.

AGM-88 HARM missiles are powerful weapons, but not new.

They were used for the first time in 1983 and such a rocket weighs over 300 kilograms, is over four meters long and can fly at a speed of Mach 2.

Earlier they were used to destroy radars in combat operations in Libya, Iraq and Yugoslavia.

Currently, 15 countries use it.


#Ukraine: Another AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missile was spotted in Ukraine – this time an unexploded missile was found in #Kherson Oblast.

It has some damage similar to shrapnel hits which may have been received from air defense interception, however a malfunction is also possible.

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