The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria has welcomed the activities of the Joint Commission for Educational and Historical Affairs between Sofia and Skopje, established by the Good Neighbor Agreement.

The ministry recalls that the commission has reached an agreement for the brothers of St. Cyril and Methodius, St. Kliment and Naum and Tsar Samuel.


the minister of foreign affairs, Kostadin Kojabashev, said that the relevant ministry encourages the commission to continue its efforts to quickly complete the work of all periods of what he says is our common history.

"The publication of the 2019 proposals, approved by the governments of both countries, is a very important step towards acquainting the public in both Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia with the results of the work of the joint commission.

Thus, in our opinion, the necessary basis is created to continue with the practical implementation of another very important agreement from the protocol, and that is - the coordination of a calendar of joint celebrations for the period 2022-2023 for the five joint historical figures". they say from the Bulgarian MFA, informs "BNR"./Telegrafi/