Children in general are curious and tend to try new things all the time, because in this way they themselves know what they want to do next.

They do not hesitate to experiment and try new things, especially in the field of art and sports.

And when it comes to art, colors and drawing are their two favorites, they are not satisfied with drawings on paper, they often color their body, the furniture in the house and also the walls, especially the white ones.

This is a bit annoying for mothers as they have to constantly be there for them.

Telegrafi Deals

, as the best mediator, also finds the best solution.

This digital drawing board comes with a discount, from the price of

11.90 euros

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Digital Drawing Tables€5.90€11.90


This table serves not only for drawing but also for writing, its cleaning is done with a button and you can rewrite on it up to 50,000 times.