The chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, stated that even though the price of oil has fallen on the international stock market, something like this is not reflected in our country.

In a statement to the media, Meta said that the Transparency Board is mercilessly stealing from Albanian citizens.

According to him, the entire state has been put at the service of Prime Minister Edi Rama, whom he described as the chief oligarch.

"It is already clear, when in the international stock market where the price has fallen to the lowest levels than before the beginning of the war, on the contrary, only here in our country this is not reflected.

221 lek currently in Albania, 170 lek in Macedonia, 160 lek in Montenegro.

Everywhere measures are taken to protect citizens, to protect consumers, to protect simple enterprises, only here they work in the function of the chief oligarch, Edi Rama in every sector.

We are here to stop the merciless extortion that in this extraordinary crisis, where prices are skyrocketing, continue to steal, rob Albanian citizens for every liter", emphasized Meta.

Earlier today, the Freedom Party demanded that the government abolish the fuel transparency board.

According to MP Petrit Vasili, through the board, the price of oil and gasoline is being kept high, unfairly.

"In the stock market, the price has fallen to pre-war levels (in Ukraine).

The solution for this is the immediate dissolution of the mafia board and intervention in taxes", said Vasili.